Brands We Repair

When it comes to your home appliances, there are a few major names which tend to top the industry with each and every purchase. These brands have established their excellent reputations for a reason; they are the best of the best and offer high quality and longevity with every product.


Here at Blake’s Appliance Repair, we have a wealth of experience which allows us to tackle the top brands with no trouble. These include major names such as:


As one of the biggest names in the home appliance business, Frigidaire prides themselves on a modern aesthetic at reasonable prices.


Reliability is a key buzzword for GE, and they have proven their worth for over 60 years in the business. Our experts can repair and maintain your GE products with no issue.


LG are a hugely well-known brand, and they focus on producing quality products which are a perfect match for their customer’s lifestyle. With a reputation for top quality at affordable prices, they are super popular for a good reason.


Bosch is a name with serious authority in the marketplace, and they have a great range of products for every area of the home, as well as a reputation for excellent customer service and support.


Amana is dedicated to the world of home appliances, and focus on environmentally friendly and affordable products.


There are very few people on the planet who haven’t heard of Samsung, and they are global giants in all areas of technology, including home appliances. They have one of the largest and most varied ranges of refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers.


At the higher end of the market sits the Viking brand, and these are a firm favorite of catering and other professionals across a wide range of industries. We have the skills and staff to carry out repairs and ensure that your product is as good as new in no time.


As a subsidiary of Whirlpool, Maytag is a brand with a huge range of experience under their belts. They have a solid reputation for reliability and excellent customer service, and this is part of the reason for their huge popularity across the region. Even better, all of their products come equipped with a ten-year warranty for added peace of mind! With a gold star across both laundry and kitchen appliances, Maytag is a brand which is well worth the investment. Repairing your machine can help to increase its lifespan, saving you valuable time and money.


This is just a small snapshot of the huge range of brands we are able to tackle, and there are plenty of others which we have left off the list! No matter your brand, get in touch and we will diagnose and solve the issue in no time.

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