Ice Maker Repair

Discovering that you have a faulty ice maker can put a black cloud onto a glorious summers day, when all you really want is an ice-cold drink to laze in the sun with, and to focus on staying cool, calm and relaxed.


You can guarantee that any malfunctions with your ice maker will occur at the worst possible moment, so it is important that you have a qualified professional on hand to get your appliance back up and running in no time.


Here at Blake’s Appliance Repair, we are experts at helping you do just this. Our team of experienced technicians are confident in fixing a variety of models, from portable and countertop models to self-contained ice machines, and checking in with modular ice makers along the way!


Common Ice Maker Issues We Can Repair

Most of the most common issues with ice makers can be repaired quickly and painlessly by our team. These include:


High freezer temperature

If your freezer is running at 10 degrees Fahrenheit or above, you will not get any ice cubes. If you notice that your freezer thermometer is creeping up, give us a call.


No ice in the ice maker tray

In order to put ice in the tray, water needs to be able to access the valve. if this isn’t happening, you may need a repair.


Ice machine doesn’t eject ice

This could indicate a problem with the ice maker assembly, such as the motor. In some cases, the whole unit needs to be checked and replaced, and this requires a professional touch.


The ice maker is leaking

Noticing a puddle in the freezer or on the floor is often the first indication that something has gone awry. The first thing to check is that your appliance is standing on a level surface and that the water supply line is intact, with no damage, pinches or bends. You should also check that the water funnel and fill cup are aligned; this can be a common reason for leaks.


If you have tried all of the above and had no success, give us a call and we can identify and solve the problem in no time.


There is mold in the system

All ice makers come with a mold thermostat to keep them free from mold, but if this is defective, it could accumulate in the ice maker and impede the correct working of the mechanism.


Call Blake’s Appliance Repair of Hickory, NC

It can be tempting to try and have a go ourselves when faced with what seems to be a minor repair, but it is always a good idea to get the experienced eye of a professional. Household repairs can be dangerous, and you may end up causing more damage which can cost a lot of cash!


Here at Blake’s Appliance Repair, we are happy to help and offer a team of qualified, experienced technicians who are dedicated to getting your appliance working properly in the fastest time. We plan to have you sitting back sipping an ice-cold beverage before you can say ‘help!’