Refrigerator Repair

In many a kitchen, it is safe to assume that a large proportion of the focus is around the refrigerator. This is the holy grail which can keep your food fresh and usable for longer, and will often harbour a few sweet treats to get you through the tough times! A refrigerator is also an appliance which gets an awful lot of use on a daily basis, and so is particularly vulnerable to suffering from wobbles or breakdowns, and these always seem to happen at the worst possible time!


Although it can be tempting to try and mend a faulty refrigerator yourself, you are far better off leaving this firmly in the hands of the professionals. Basic maintenance, such as checking the controls and coils, keeping your appliance free from dust and dirt and making sure the interior and outside get a regular, thorough clean can all help, but for repairs, you should seek the experts; and at Blake’s Appliance Repair, that is exactly what we are!


9 Common Refrigerator Issues for Repair

Some of the most common issues you may encounter with your refrigerator include:


  1. Noisy

All refrigerators can be noisy, but if you notice that the fan is making a particular row, or the noise changes, get it checked by an expert.


  1. Fails to Start

If your refrigerator fails to start up, there could be an issue with the temperature or electronic control – a professional technician will be able to identify and solve the issue in no time.


  1. Leaking

The most common indication that something is wrong is encountering a leak on the floor or in the fridge. This could be an issue with a gasket or a problem with a built-in ice maker.


  1. Ice-Maker not Making Ice

If your refrigerator contains a built-in ice maker, you may find that this has the potential to malfunction, which can cause further damage to the rest of the appliance if it is not addressed quickly.


  1. Refrigerator is Too Warm

Your refrigerator needs to stay cool to keep food fresh, and components such as the temperature sensor, control switch or motors may need replacing if this is not the case!


  1. No Water Dispensing

No water being dispensed could indicate an issue with the inlet valve or water actuator


  1. Faulty Lighting

This is usually a fairly simple and cheap repair, and will likely just include a new bulb.


  1. Sweating Door

If you notice that the door is sweating, you may need a new gasket seal to keep the door closed and the fridge working properly.


  1. Fridge is Too Cold

If your refrigerator receives too much excess air, it can run too cold. This may be caused by the control board or temperature sensor and can be easily fixed by one of our team.


When it comes to keeping your refrigerator in tip-top condition, you only want to rely on the best. Here at Blake’s Appliance Repair, we offer qualified, trained technicians who can more than meet your appliance repair needs. Call us today for an appointment!